Scheduling Process

Team Application

Team Application

Below is the link for the team application.  Club Registrar or designated club officer should click on the link and fill out the team application for any team wishing to be scheduled for the Spring 2019 East Central -- Recreational, Classic or Adult League. 

East Central Team Scheduling Timeline

East Central League Scheduling Timeline

Spring/Summer 2019

· March 11, 2019 –Final date for Submitting team application for any teams wishing to be scheduled in East Central League.  Girl’s High School and Adult teams are due May 12, 2019

· March 13, 2019 -  Committee Placement results of classic teams  

· March 18, 2019 – Appeal on classic team placement deadline

· March 21, 2019 – First draft of schedule.  Clubs may begin work on changes

· March 28, 2019 – Final date to submit Academy Team application - Click on Academy Link top right of page to locate Academy Application.

· April 7, 2019 Final date to submit Recreational Team applications.

· April 8, 2019 – Final Scheduling Meeting.  A face to face meeting to work out final scheduling issues. 

· April 14, 2019 – Final date to make changes before schedule goes live.

· April 15, 2019 – Schedule goes live for Classic and Recreational Teams.

· May 12, 2019 – Final date to submit 15U-19U High School Girls and Adult League teams

· May 26, 2019 – Schedule goes live for 15U-19U Girls and Adult League

Accepted teams for Spring 2019