East Central Referee Fees

Referee Fees

Group Length of Game Center Referee Assist. Referee -each

6U Short sided (3v3) no GK

4X10 minutes
$14.00 NA
8U Short sided (4v4) no GK 4x12 minutes $16.00 NA

9/10U Short sided (7v7)

2x25 minutes $18.00 $16.00
11/12U Classic & Rec.(9v9) 2x30 minutes $30.00 $20.00

13/14U Classic & Rec.(11v11)

2x35 minutes $40.00 $30.00
15/16U Classic (11v11) 2x40 minutes $50.00 $34.00

16U Co-ed Rec. (11v11)

2X35 minutes $44.00 $30.00

17/19U Rec. (11v11)

2x35 minutes $50.00 $34.00
17/19UClassic (11v11) 2x45 minutes $60.00 $40.00
Adult - Rec. 2x40 minutes $50.00 $34.00


How to pay the referee crew

  • Exact change in 2 envelopes for both home and away games
  • 1/2 to center referee
  • 1 to the assistant referee when applicable

For other levels of competition check approperiate website.

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